TAZERt ‘sounding like a modern day Lou Reed in a lyrical fist fight with Mick Jagger’ ”

— M.Blick


Singer songwriter TAZERt's individually crafted sound of retro rock sleaze combines with his natural story-telling style to create a unique sense of who he is: tackling subjects that other artists dare not explore with his own sardonic slant on the underbelly of today's society.

The quote ‘sounding like a modern day Lou Reed in a lyrical fist fight with Mick Jagger’ epitomises TAZERt's enigmatic approach both to song writing and performing. Jagger’s snarling sound combines with Reed’s visual lyrical delivery to create an intoxicating audio assault encapsulating the essence of a retro sound in a modern medium.

TAZERt's musical journey has travelled along many winding roads: beginning as a front man for a number of Nottingham’s original bands; receiving numerous plays on BBC introducing and being tipped as one to watch for the future in local music magazines; at the same time continually gigging throughout the city and surrounding areas. As the lead singer of highly successful and renowned covers band, 'The Dollars', who played UK wide for a number of years at venues throughout the country, he earned a reputation as a highly rated, professional performer.

TAZERt's current solo venture sees him performing/writing/ recording/ with all his experiences as a modern troubadour/raconteur/humourist: all the while delving into topics that reflect the moral dilemmas that affect us all in today's busy social surroundings.




‘SIX SIN-GLES’ Press Release

The 24th March sees the beginning of TAZERt's ‘Six Sin-gles in Six Months’ project’. This Nottingham-born singer songwriter and artist has lived a colourful life and this is reflected in his writing style and song subjects. With the vocal attitude of a lapsed preacher discovering what he has been missing all his life, TAZERt fuses styles of rock, pop, country and blues which slide into hook-laden compositions, with his own penchant for sleazy social commentary and local mythology which traps his listeners in a cult-like vice. The ‘Six Sin-ges in Six Months’ project lets you see (and hear) the variety of TAZERt's writing influences and styles: each song relates to the sins of the Lord with scenarios which TAZERt has either experienced or has witnessed at first hand. Which sin is each song about? That's for the audience/listener to interpret….

 TAZERt's latest project sees him releasing ‘Six Sin-gles in Six Months’. Each release will be available on the 24th of each month (starting 24th March). This audio feast will be available on iTunes, Spotify and Google.

Dealing with subjects such as soul selling, physical debauchery, excessive gambling, one night stands, sexual misconduct, girls and liquor too. Either one (or all six) look like something you should hear because, let’s face it, you just can't help yourself!

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